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The Magic Attic Club began several years ago as a mother watched her daughter and friends play with their dolls, creating wonderful stories for them.  The lessons in values and self-discovery are an added benefit inherent in the Magic Attic Club concept. The Magic Attic Club is about fun, friendship, imagination and adventure.  Every girl will see how their own imagination goes to work, or as we say at the Magic Attic Club: the real magic is in you. She recognized how this innocent play helped young girls develop and grow, releasing their imaginations to discover much about themselves and others. As the Magic Attic Club has grown, we have received many kind letters from young girls and their mothers, fathers, relatives and friends.  This positive response from our customers reinforces our objective to encourage creative play with the dolls and strive for high quality in every product we develop. The dolls and costumes create hours of play with fun accessories and furniture, and the books take them on wonderful, imaginative adventures. 

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